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Mobile technology is becoming the focus nowadays, with the whole world turning wireless. iPhone app development is on the rise, and there’s stiff competition to develop apps that are innovative and user-friendly. Here’s some basic knowledge for those interested in knowing how to create an app without coding and what goes into getting an app developed.

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How to create an app without coding?

To start with, there are several different types of apps one can develop.

This goes beyond the categories that Apple has already developed– lifestyle, food, sports, etc.

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When we talk about iPhone app development, the first thing is to understand the requirements and provide the right solution. This is especially important while developing business apps. The Business app has come to be a game changing marketing tool for driving traffic and revenues. (see google sites) Your business app should be developed keeping in mind the target audience, their preferences and knowing what exactly appeals to them. It must prompt users to take the desired action, like visiting your store or ordering your products online.You also need to invest a lot of time to go through the details of the features of the app. This step involves going through every screen and understanding how the different modules of the app interact with each other. You need to ask questions like:

 “What happens when I press this button?” E.g. when developing music and video apps, you will have to sync the different features like volume, radio, sound quality and microphone to provide users an ultimate video viewing or music listening experience.

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The next step is designing. It is the key determinant of any application’s success. An aesthetically appealing user interface will ensure a smooth flowing experience for users. That’s why designing of iPhone apps needs creative artists who can think innovative and come up with unique, trendsetting design patterns. (see blogger) You will need splash screens, a great icon, tab icons and dozens of other assets all tied together.

For example; if you are developing an app for a domain like news, you will have tabs on politics, movie reviews, weather, health, sports, etc. (see slides) You may have to give an option to sort the news articles based on country, city, date, etc. You will be amazed to learn how many scenarios are there for each action performed on your app. Check my blog about apps builder online

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The sports iPhone apps keep you updated on your favorite games and team. These apps help you keep a tab on the action from anywhere and everywhere. Similarly, health, fitness, and medical iPhone App will help users stay fit and healthy by tracking the progress of their fitness regime and providing correct instructions and lessons to tone their problem areas. (see google group) Once your application is developed, it may have to undergo several upgradations and changes, based on the initial hiccups and user suggestions, to make it perfect! The app craze has spread to every mobile market under the sun. With every new app coming up, the expectations are rising. That’s why developing an app has become a challenging task!

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Developers must aim at getting the right balance between user expectations, the client’s ideas, iPhone platform standards and the technical challenges in the project, to develop a successful iPhone application. It requires knowledge of mobile technology and experience coupled with in-depth research of your domain and of course, the passion to excel.

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