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There are numerous boekhoudprogramma (accounting software) available in the market in order to facilitate the management of any company, especially in the field of architecture and construction. Accounting, billing, sales management, payment, telephone communications: all of these services have its software, designed to help save time and money. The free software is free, but their roles are less advanced than the paid software.


Accounting software used in construction companies, public works, craftsmen and architects made to help them in the preparation, monitoring and analysis of their works. Before investing in the software, make an inventory of your needs and ensure that the software has the functions required for good control over your works such as;

  • Knowledge of budgets, invoices
  • Managing stocks and purchases
  • Schedule management and monitoring of the work
  • Accounting, payment management
  • Data conversion for Word documents, Excel, messages
  • Analyzing profit of a business

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Mostly these three types of software are used in business:

  • Accounting software – available to facilitate numerous tasks like:
  • Enter purchasing invoices, sales, payments
  • Manage accounts, re-launch your customers
  • Track your daily capital
  • Prepare balance sheet and income statement
  • Facilitate your relationship with your accountant

Billing software – help you in managing your products, services, customers, prospects, and suppliers. They allow you as head of company to edit your invoices quickly and easily, always managing payments.

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Business management software – This type of software has these four major features:

  • Management of sales and cash entries
  • Management of purchases and supplies
  • Inventory management
  • Dashboard and business results

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They are designed to help you make good decisions at the right time, facilitating you to access the data related to your products, your customers, and your suppliers. You can also get information relating to the operation of your company, and you can immediately know your bottom line, your profit margins, your revenues, the state of your stocks, etc.

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