How To Optimized The Space Of Staircases With Double Function?

How many times you use your home stairs in a day? The stairs are actually an important part of the daily journey, but instead, not being so prominent area just like the kitchen or bedroom, we often go away in oblivion. So to remind you it is a place that can’t forget when decorating the interior of your house.

The staircases are architectural things necessary in homes along with various heights, but at the same time, they may also turn out to be best decoration elements. Of course, a ladder at home offers many possibilities when decorating, but often difficult to find the best options to decorate the stairs. For a few years now, interior decoration trends give great importance to the stairs. The main element of decoration depends on the type of your staircase.

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Leveraging the corners of the ladder

  • If you have broad staircase with a large wall between the two phases of the stairs, it is best to take benefit of that space by decorating with pictures, vases or even use this space as a small Library.
  • If your stairs are L – shaped you have more choices for decorating. Use that space to place a vase with flowers. Or if you like the picture, you have a large influx of light next to the stairs, choose the option to put a beautiful plant.
  • Moreover, you can put some shelves in a library between the ladder and the wall, do not hesitate. It’s an excellent idea to maximize space while you get an original effect. Uses this shelf for books, movies or CDs.

Modern stair

Space saving ideas

You can design staircases with double function by converting into valuable storage areas. Take advantage of the stairwell to create some drawers to store clothes, books, shoes, even make a zone chill out or work under the stairs is a great solution when space is limited. Here are some space saving ideas for those who were looking for solutions with stairs.

  • Stairs with mirrors – Besides being useful for storing everything you want, it’s a fantastic idea to expand the space visually, placing doors with mirrors.
  • With cabinet on the wall – When the ladder is attached to the wall, a good solution is to set an open cabinet, not to eat a lot of space, taking advantage of all the steps.
  • Making use of the landing – Take advantage to have a safe space to store cushions, blankets, and other accessories.
  • With several drawers – The ladder can become the best space to store shoes and boots for the whole family.
  • Stairs library – One of the solutions most often used by book lovers. The stairwell is ideal to have a good bookstore.
  • Movable bar – A good place to have drinks, made with the same wood and adding wheels, the wet bar remains hidden under the stairs until use.
  • Chillout area – The stairwell can be used for a seating area and pleasant reading.
  • Cabinets for the kitchen – A paneled refrigerator, column oven and some cabinets to store dishes and kitchen utensils, everything fits so well organized under this staircase.


Do not put ornaments on the steps that can be annoying. In the end more than decorative become a nuisance and you end up getting tired of them. Keep these tips in mind while renovating or redecorating your stairs. Do not forget: The staircase is as important as the bedroom, bathroom, living room or the kitchen!

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