It is a very good choice on your part to get a new ride, because it will make your life easier and your transportation easy. But to ensure you get the most out of your truck and the engine, you need a lot of time practicing these things:


Check the oil level of your truck engine: Crucial for the automatic lubrication system, engine oil lubricates the moving parts of the truck, cleaning and prevents corrosion as well as cools down the engine by taking heat away from the components. Note down the shade of oil into the engine. A solid black look signifies that it is time to change it. Brownish but relatively clear indicates you should replace it over time. A transparent look indicates it’s Fine, but be careful when it seems creamy colored, because that may signify your truck need a professional check-up. Diesel Engine Repair Edmonton. In order to change engine oil, select the product which is already used in your truck. Add in gradually giving it time to resolve. Once you’re completed, fix the dipstick correctly.


Look at the fluid of automated transmission: In order to examine the automatic transmission fluid switch the transmission lever’s location to P – Park of location. Find the dipstick transmission, if you have no idea where it can be get the help from user guide then take off the transmission dipstick. Clean it and put it again to determine levels. See also the appearance of the liquid. A black liquid with a burnt smell is a sign that the rapid changes required. When it is brown, then there is still some life. In comparison the new replacement fluid is red. Aside from the appearance, consider the user guide also. Since several manufacturers specify the amount of kilometers you are able to drive prior to a re-fill is required.


Coolant system of the engine: This can be a relatively easy process. For this only check the overflow of coolant tank and note down the amount. Lower coolant amount will result in the engine to extreme heat, which can result in serious problems for the engine. When the amounts are in between Lower and Maximum marks, it is Fine. When it is down below the Minimal tagging, in that case normally a replacement is needed. You need to make sure that the temperature won’t increase to the level set in your engine otherwise result in serious damage.


These are just a few things you need to remember in caring for your vehicle. We barely touched the tip of the iceberg, but be prepared, because there are many more tips coming your way.

Sometimes, it is not wise to let the heat get in your head. Who knows? You can vent the heat in your office mate and into a world of trouble at the office. The same goes for your truck engine as well.


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