How 3 Things Will Change The Way You Approach Guitar Lessons?

Are you happy and satisfied with your level of musical skills? Can you honestly say you have achieved all your musical goals? The guitar is a world. You can spend years discovering new things. Even doing training with a great teacher, he will not tell you everything that you want to know unless you ask. And he will not say for two reasons: it’s a lot to be said and he probably does not know everything. So, do not expect the information to fall in your lap. Go after them!



The most normal thing when you’re thinking of your favorite guitarists and wonder “how these guitarists can play so well?”. The answer is simple: dedication. Slash, Eric Clapton, BB King, David Gilmour … all of them have devoted a huge part of their time to play guitar better. You don’t have to learn to play well today, you just need to play a little better than yesterday. And tomorrow, do the same thing, and so on. Do not do hurry, but don’t waste time. Every minute you leave, you play better.

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We believe 100% in our ability to find and retain knowledge. Throughout your life you taught himself to do a lot of things. And playing guitar, you will have the chance to use all your self-didacticism. Auto-didacticism is basically a learning path that uses your wits to deduct new things. In other words, to draw conclusions from your own reasoning. So we can see that the guitar is a great way to exercise your intelligence.

Music is like a science where everything makes sense. Not only are randomly played notes and sound good. There is an explanation for everything you touch. A teacher teaches you everything in an organized manner, but the auto-didacticism is what will make you become unique.

Be curious

The main feature of the curious to look at the world as a scientist and must understand how things work. Being curious is not just accepted what they tell us. You need to know more. For this, you must raise questions, think about questions, to doubt, to suggest hypotheses. And, of course, seek the answers. Over time, the pieces of the puzzle fit together.

According to Gary Moore,”A lot of people can play very well alone in his room, but you will make more progress playing with others. You do not develop a sense of rhythm playing alone.”

Music is about communication and expression, although you progress by leaps and bounds. Playing with others will offer you time for someone else to lead, develop better techniques, and response time to touch each other lick.

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