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DPF is a family of vehicle’s spare part belongs to the group of filters. As we know, there are several sorts of filters used in the vehicles from the air filter to fuel filter and so on. DPF is a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF); it is specially made for diesel vehicles. DPFs are vehicles exhaust after-treatment filters that potentially reduce discharge particles from diesel-fueled vehicles. DPFs normally use an absorbent ceramic or metal oriented filter to trap physically particulate matter (PM) and eliminate it from the exhaust. DPF delete kit can be fitted on existing vehicles and must be used in combination with ultra-low sulfur diesel (ULSD). ULSD has very less sulfur content. DPF is heavy equipment, so it requires special mounting or brackets. For an added precautionary measures, a back pressure monitoring system and driver notification system must be used with a DPF. This system will keep you updated on the condition of the filter.

DPF delete system

DPFs use two types of regeneration systems to oxidize the particulate matter gathered inside.

  • Passive regeneration system
  • Active regeneration system

The passive system requires high temperatures to trigger combustion of collecting shoot.

The active regeneration system relies on other heat generation sources like electric heaters and fuel burning, etc. to raise enough temperature of DPF to initiate combustion of accumulated PM. As a result of this combustion, a remaining ash gets accumulated in the filter that needs maintenance.

DPF delete

The models of the diesel engines built after the year 1995 is the best companion of DPFs. It is very important to have the knowledge of the age and type of diesel engine and the drive cycles of the vehicles. Another important thing to monitor is the exhaust gas temperature. A data log must be maintained to assess if the exhaust temperature profile meets DPF-specific requirements.

For DPF to work properly, it should be maintained properly. In most of the cases when people fail to maintain the DPF it gets clogged, and they go for DPF delete. This is extremely important to keep a check on excessive ash accumulation in a DPF. There is a complete proper set of instructions for DPF maintenance they should be followed closely.


Cleaning of DPFs is usually needed every 6 to 12 months. The process involves manually getting rid of the ash in the filter from the vehicle by placing it in a cleaning station build for this purpose. If a diesel engine is emitting excessive particulate matter, the DPF requires more frequent cleaning. There could be many reasons for the excessive PM; proper diagnostics should be performed to identify the cause. The backpressure analyzing system should be continuously be used with a DPF to keep an eye on performance and to confirm proper operation.

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